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Horse Training


Soft, Supple, and Responsive-Building the foundation for success

Baby 101

This is pre-school- 30 days of ground work for weanlings/yearlings


14 Day Tune Up

For those horses that just need a little polishing


30 Days

This is for those horses that need some miles


Unstarted Horses

To ensure enough time to get a good start on your horse, we do require 60 days minimum on all unstarted horses.

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~All packages include feed and hay~

At On Target Livestock we believe that setting a good solid foundation is the way to have a successful relationship with you horse.   You shouldn't have to fight your horse when you ride.  A soft, supple horse that is responsive to you will make your ride time more enjoyable not only for you, but your horse as well.   Here we set them up for success by not missing any steps when it comes to building that foundation.   If you have a problem  horse, we will start with a clean slate and start building from the ground up.  We don't like patching any holes as they like to resurface later on.   

Not only do we train the horse, we train YOU.  We want you to be able to take the horse home and continue the work that we have started.  We encourage you to come visit while your horses is with us and get a few pointers.  

All horses must be up to date on shots and have a copy of a clean negative coggins

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